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***Now teaching in person at Downers Grove North HS, Oswego HS, and in Naperville. Contact me about availability of in person and online lessons***

Dr. Cate’s Flute Camp

Thank you for your interest in Dr. Cate’s Flute Camp. After 20+ years of annual summer flute fun, we are taking a break this year. Check back here for information on classes and events under the Dr. Cate’s Flute Camp umbrella.

Dr. Cate’s Flute Tips

A wealth of tips, hints and ideas for band teachers, student flute players and flute teachers about teaching flute, working with students and trends in the flute industry.

About Dr. Cate Hummel

Dr. Cate Hummel is active as a performing artist and clinician around the U.S. and internationally. She is widely known for her blog, Dr. Cate’s Flute Tips, at drcatesflutetips.wordpress.com for music educators about teaching flute. Dr. Cate loves performing, especially music that is not well known by both recognized and forgotten composers. As a clinician and scholar for Altus and Azumi flutes she travels to universities, high schools, music dealers, flute events educator conferences performing her ongoing series, Modern Masters, Hidden Gems and presenting on a wide range of topics including her research on the teaching of Marcel Moyse, good practice habits and flute pedagogy. Dr. Hummel is Adjunct Professor of Flute at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, IL. She resides in Naperville, IL and teaches students throughout the Chicago area.  She is the founder and director of Dr. Cate’s Flute Camp, a day camp for 11-15 year old flute students that meets every July www.fluteline.com. Look for Dr. Cate’s Flute Camp online this summer of 2020.

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