You learn more than just how to play the flute when you study with Dr. Cate Hummel. Students learn to set goals, manage their time, solve problems, build effective habits and succeed. These are important skills not only to for being a great flute player, but for life and a career in as a professional in a wide range of fields.  Provided a student practices regularly as instructed, you will see more progress in less time and advancement to higher ensembles in school at an earlier age.

Now in six distinct tracks of study:

  • College preparatory track - this track is for kids from beginner through advanced high school level who want to excel in band and expect to go to college. We focus first on basic skills like tone, breathing, intonation, scales and arpeggios, rhythm, note reading and problem solving. As the student progresses, we will learn about phrasing and musicianship as time permits. It will be recommended, but not required, that the student take the ILMEA district auditions at both the junior high and school level. Opportunities will be available to participate in flute specific competitions and to audition for local youth orchestras. Student will be expected to practice a minimum of 30-45 minutes daily.
  • Music education track - This track of study is for you if you think you want to be a school music educator and plan to go to college for music education. If you have decided to join the music education track, you will receive all of the instruction you get from the college prepartory track focusing on playing fundamentals, along with a deeper exploration of music theory and music history, as well as ensemble skills. You will be required to take the ILMEA district auditions in high school. It is strongly recommended that you audition for local youth orchestras as well. You will also be encouraged to participate in flute specific competitions and festivals as they are available. Student is expected to practice a minimum of one hour daily and complete listening assignments.
  • Conservatory preparatory track - Students who choose the conservatory preparatory track want to major in flute performance in college. A desire to lay a strong foundation in playing fundamentals is a given. We will cover basic music theory, ear training and music history, along with musicianship, phrasing and ensemble skills. Besides all these benefits, you will begin your study of the solo liturature of the flute, including sonatas, concertos, solo works, orchestral excerpts and more. You will be expected to audition for district ILMEA, youth orchestras and flute competitions and festivals. Student is expected to practice a minimum of one and a half hours daily and complete listening and research assignments.
  • Professional coaching and audition preparation - One lesson or lessons over a period of time as mutually agreed upon for the purpose of exploring standard repertoire of the flute for an understanding of musical language, phrasing, inflection, tone color and communicating the composer's intent to an audience.
  • Flute pedagogy for band directors - If you are a band director whose primary instrument is anything other than flute, I can help you gain a deeper understanding of flute embouchure, tone production, controlling intonation, starting beginners and mentoring the flute students in your band program. We can do anything from one lesson to an entire semester, depending on your needs and available time.
  • Adult enrichment - Whether you are an absolute beginner on the flute or returning to playing after a long absence, you will find that together we can devise a plan to help you focus on the basics of good playing, explore solo and duet literature and most importantly, fit the flute into your busy life. Expect to practice a minimum of 30 minutes a day. You will be offered opportunities to play in public, but you are neither expected or required to do so. Whether you do or not is entirely up to you.

Dr. Cate's students regularly participate and win prizes in the Chicago Flute Club's Student Competition. Her students go to the  District IX ILMEA High School and Jr. High School Festivals and go to the IMEA All State Honor's Band and Orchestra.  Dr. Cate's students play in the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras, Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestras and and Youth Symphony of DuPage.  Dr. Cate's students participate and win prizes in the Society of American Musicians and Union League competitions.  Former students have finished graduate and undergraduate degrees in flute from Indiana University, Illinois State University, DePaul University, Northwestern University, Butler University, University of Illinois/Champaign-Urbana and DePauw University as performance majors and music education majors. Former students are band directors at junior high and high schools all around Chicagoland. Former students have gone on to be successful chemists, biologists, lawyers, electrical engineers, nurses, special education teachers, writers and many other professional fields.